Bar Bending Schedules

Bar Bending Schedules Case Study


Clove Technologies beat international competition to bag a series of major projects involving BBS services. We had provided technical expertise in two infrastructure and two commercial facilities that are based offshore.

Steel structure and engineering service provider firm from Australia collaborated with Clove Technologies to assist them develop detailed rebar drawings, BBS and Tekla models for a commercial building and infrastructural type of development project. Rebar Plan & details were developed from the Input drawings that were provided and delivered within the specified time frame.


The Scope entailed as mentioned below:

Clove Technologies Pvt Ltd. has delivered 3D Model, 2D drawings for Steel reinforcement and Bar Bending Schedules for the below series of projects:

Educational Institute 2D Shop Drawings for steel reinforcement - Manual BBS

Railway Bridge Manual BBS, CAD-RC

Gate Tunnel & Metro 3D Revit Model and & Automatic BBS (CAD-RC)


Client A Specialized company in Steel Infrastructure.

Location NSW, Australia

Project Commercial, Infrastructure

Project Type Steel Structure

Project Commenced April 2019

Software Used Revit 19’, AutoCAD 19’, Tekla


  • The rebar detailing work in Tekla for the residential building was done in a quick time frame – with all the design changes and revisions as proposed by client
  • The project required implementation of a Revit Add-on – SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing that accelerated the creation of 2D reinforcement of steel from the 3D Revit Model.
  • All the design changes and revisions were handled well, and rebar detailing was delivered as per the client requirement

The Scope entailed as mentioned below:

  • To calculate the 3D spacers for the given Structure, Quantity of the Spacers is calculated through area to center to center spacing.
  • Couplers were scheduled manually with the available data.


Client received the best quality rebar detailing within the proposed time frame.

The Project not only helped save costs but also helped the client gain backend support they could rely on, for rebar detailing, and hence manage the project well.

This also helped client strengthen their ability to expand and take up more projects.

What were the key Outcomes?


  • It is complex structure and it became challenging to accommodate bars and giving mark ids due to it’s foundation.
  • Revision control has been an another challenging task, since the revision of designs have been happened for 3 times and alteration of bar marks and re-calculation of the Bar schedules is a challenging task as the structure is critical
  • Communication is another challenging task since it is an outsourcing project.


  • Structure has been complex; the customization of the reinforcement bars has been a challenge.
  • Setting out the covers to the Reinforcement with the concrete model is another challenging task because of the complexity of the project
  • Lap lengths and Development lengths is another challenge, first we have followed the general notes, which is later on customized to a standard lap and development lengths, we have incorporated the same into the model.


Couplers Schedule: